Franchise Management Software Platform

When you expand your brand through franchising, the process can be painful. We know. We built and sold a franchise with more than 100 franchise agreements. Now, we applied our first-hand experience to create the Zorzees software platform, a comprehensive management system to help you control the franchising process as well as many aspects of unit-based operations. It gives you — the franchisor — everything you need to easily navigate each franchising stage.
The software is organized around four main franchising stages:
When a client begins with Zorzees, they access a complete version of our software for franchise management servicing all four stages of franchising. Our cloud franchise software pulls the entire franchising process together. The way we look at it, the same prospect who inquires about opening a franchise today will accept orders and hire staff in six months or less. With our franchising software, all of those important details to manage the franchising process are consolidated in the same platform. Whether enabling the e-signing of Item 23 FDD receipts, storing franchise agreements, managing construction timelines, publishing fully SEO’d website pages, or calculating royalty reports for each unit, Zorzees enables franchising success.

Who Uses the Platform?

Zorzees franchise software serves different types of franchises, whether you are an efficiently staffed brand with just a few people or a larger franchise organized into different business silos. For silo’d businesses, while a Business Development team focuses only on selling new franchise agreements, and Legal or Operations departments focus on making sure these contracts run smoothly, Zorzees brings all of these teams together — providing each user access to a system and process enabling success. And if you’re a smaller shop, a single user can of course access the entire platform — like we did.
Onboarding to Zorzees takes minutes whether you’re a new business or an established franchise switching to our solution. Importing and exporting contact and unit data into the software is easy, which means that it’s easy for established brands to switch from their existing franchise management systems to Zorzees. The process removes the pain associated with switching software. And if you’re a new brand just booting up, we have you covered. Our account team guides you through the onboarding process from day one.
Want to give Zorzees a try? Send us a sample file of your store or contact information, and we will create a demo version of Zorzees using your actual store data. Our product’s ability to manage every aspect of the franchising process supports each of those over-arching goals. And because we used our cloud franchise software to launch and sell a multi-million dollar business, we know it works.

Core Platform Features

  1. Central Repository for Unit/Contact Data & Documents
  2. Multi-Unit Support
  3. Manage Multiple Franchise Brands
  4. Controlled User Access
  5. Store and Contact Data Import / Export
  6. Multiple User Roles
  7. District/Area Management Filtering
  8. Fully Mobile Responsive Design
  9. Corporate-Only Notes
  10. To-Do Lists
  11. Content Approval System for Public Pages

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